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When I was parenting my child(ren), I had a lot of questions and thoughts...Like,


Is this even normal?

What am I supposed to do with that?!?!

Umm, I don't even know how to respond...


Have you been there too? Don't worry, it's quite normal. One thing I've heard over and over again is that most of us don't like to reach out to our family and even friends because we don't want to feel judged or be shamed somehow. It can get quite frustrating and lonely.

Parent Chats are live calls with parents and me to

...offer advice on those burning questions.

...offer a safe place to vent. be heard and help other like you!

Though, I am a professional, it's an informal virtual meeting, not all expert-y (all of the time).

Does this sound like something you are wanting...No...NEEDING?!?

Click below to get notified of the next Parent Chat coming in February!

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