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Virtual Play Therapy

With the spread of the Coronavirus, thousands of play therapists are scrambling to figure out how to continue to help their child clients and their parents. Many therapists immediately turned to telehealth as a means for continuity of care and continued income for themselves (no judgement here, I get it). It's only natural that counselors would immediately wonder if and how virtual play therapy would be effective. Yes, it can be effective with proper training...but what happens when we need it now?

Of course, I advise counselors to seek much training on the topic as possible...even if you might stop once things get back to normal...nothing beats knowledge. But if you are looking at continuing the relationship you have with the client in the short term, there are ways to get started now to be able to do just that.

The video below provides you with what you need to start virtual play therapy. It addressed virtual platforms, informed consent, billing codes of insurance, etc.

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