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Let's Talk About Going Virtual with Play Therapy in a Pinch

The Coronavirus has taken us all by storm and, though, we might not have given much thought to how we might sustain our practices while continuing serving clients during a pandemic, yet here we are...

Most of us are in this boat together. Many of us may have toyed around with virtual therapy but are now tasked with the challenge of providing ALL kinds of counseling virtually. Play therapy, in particular, presents a challenge as most of us are accustomed to providing it in our nicely stocked play therapy office...I am hoping these chats help us come together and support each other to navigate this new challenge.


I am hoping to help talk through things such as:

  • ​Virtual platforms

  • Insurance codes

  • What to include in the progress notes

  • Activities in a virtual session

  • ...and whatever may come up


Chats: (click to join at time of meeting)

 3/18/20 12pm cst


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