Gathering Insight

Peer Consulation Groups

Working in the mental health field can often feel quite isolating, even in an office of other mental health professionals. (I know I'm preaching to the choir here.) There are so many ways to help our clients that we sometimes forget or don't even know great strategies. And sometimes we just get stuck. Queue peer consults.

Peer consultation is one of the best ways to stay on top of your game (only one of the best). Not only can you seek ideas from like-minded individuals, you can bounce ideas off of the group, feel supported, and build confidence. It's also a great way for clinicians to network, all over the country.


Peer consults are in no way a form of supervision...The groups are formed to seek input when needing ideas for when we feel 'stuck' or even a boost when feeling burnt out or  inadequate. Think...'what would you do?' or 'what else can be done?' or 'I just want to make sure I cover all my bases'. 

Client confidentiality is super important to us and remains intact and the admins and fellow group members will help keep each other in check as far as that goes. 

These peer consult groups are *only* for licensed mental health professionals in private practice, schools, community centers, hospitals, etc. 

Paperwork Catch Up Groups are virtual accountability groups where we work alongside each other to get notes, paperwork, updates to our websites, etc. done. We will be working independently but are available to random questions and such. I hope to see you there!

Peer Consults

Monday Meetings 1st Monday of each month 10-11:30a (CST)


(No CE hours)

You will get an email with the Zoom meeting link prior to the meeting.


Wednesday meetings TBD

You will get an email with the call link prior to the meeting.

*Topics & times subject to change, if you are registered, you will be sent an email if anything changes.

Get Stuff Done Day


We have a FREE Get Stuff Done Day!

Join in for a virtual co-working group to get those notes done (or reading, updating your website or paperwork...or just be held accountable to sit and focus on something) in a power-packed 2 hour time block.


This is a great way to keep yourself accountable and get paperwork or other tasks done...beware though, you will be super productive!





No case consultations will happen in this meeting and no CE hours will be provided.