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Hello and welcome! You’ve landed at a great place that’s constantly growing and changing to meet the parenting needs of as many people as possible. Check back often or, better yet, sign up for email updates/newsletter!


My name is Evan Woodall. I am a licensed professional counselor, registered play therapist, and parent consultant. I decided I wanted to reach as many struggling parents as possible, more than I can see one-on-one in session or even in groups, because I have been there too. I struggled with my parenting identity for a long time. I felt the unspoken judgement on parenting decisions, even after I gained confidence in my parenting abilities. I felt alone in my parenting struggles, even when surrounded by family and friends. I understand the frustration. The exasperation. The struggle is real my friend.


In the near future, the site will be updated with topics dealing with children of all ages and needs. I don’t want to stop with the neurotypical kids because we have kids of differing abilities and ages but many tips can be adapted across childhood.


Join me often as I post updates, quick tips, ponderings, etc. I would really love your thoughts and questions about topics presented...and ideas for new topics.

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