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Could you use more support in your counseling practice?

I get it. I've been stuck. I've had questions that needed fairly quick answers. I've gotten behind on paperwork. Heck, I've gotten behind at life. 

I am working on building a supportive community chalked full of helpful things...HIPAA-compliant virtual peer consults, practical webinars at affordable prices, just support all around. My brain is swimming in ideas, I just have to tame that monster to get some of them out and functioning!

 Click here to join the Facebook group!

You can sign up for the Gathering Insight Professional Consult Group or email me about scheduling an individual session below.

*Peer consultations DO NOT constitute supervision in any form. You are solely responsible for the decisions you make with clients. The advice given is not professional medical, legal, or financial advice. If you need professional consultation in those areas, please seek it.

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